Adam's Castletown

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The world is basically my original Terraria mining town updated with a more dynamic structure. Intended to give the feel of a splendid mountain castle towering over a quite fortress town like Mont Saint-Michel.

Video Showcase:

The town consists of a farm, sawmill, tavern, a merchant's shop with blacksmith, a miner's inn and shop, an infirmary, a weaver's workshop, a church with graveyard, a gunsmith's, a Mechanic's workshop, barracks and a castle.

The castle consists of working gatehouses, dining room, kitchen, cellar, storeroom, throne room, library and penthouse.

This town is not considered finished but there is enough for people to start using and playing.

None of the bosses have been slain in this save so this is basically an untouched world with the exception of the town. The only draw back to this is that more NPCs will spawn as you play and their default spawn locations will not be correct.

I will update this map in time so this potential issue is sorted out. For now just have fun with it.


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