Skylands Graveyard

2,895 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 30, 2011

Ever felt like Redigit let us down with the PvP map generator? Ever felt like doing some PvP close to space? Well then you got it!

Skylands Graveyard! A Floating PvP map high in the sky! When you ever felt like jumping isn't getting you high enough, this is the place to do those jumps!

And enjoy our near base "Sniper towers"! Which can protect and allow you to fire with the power of 1 switch!


Authors Note: OOOOOOOOK! Yes i haven't uploaded "Legend of the Floating Dungeon 2" cause theres been an upload problem with it. So i'll hopefully get it uploaded VERY soon. But this and 2 other maps are waiting to be finished. I won't release the names yet till i'm 90% done! So look forward to other maps as well as updates to this map as well!


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