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Player Coordinates

  • Shows player coordinates

Anima allocation

  • Will display current Anima Allocation
  • Left clicking it will open the Anima Allocation page
  • Right clicking it will hide the icon


  • When there are less than 10 free inventory spaces left the icon will be colored yellow, at less than 5 it will be colored red.
  • Right clicking it will hide the icon
  • Left clicking it will open the inventory


  • Repositions agent system icon if "Topbar Cabal & Friends" from meeehrPack mod is installed.
    This should fix the overlapping issues.
  • It's fine to run this even if you are not using meeehrPack.

All icons can be freely moved while in GUI-Edit mode.
Each icon comes as a separate .swf file in the TopbarAdditions folder, and you can delete the ones you don't need.

Extract to

Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\



Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\TopbarAdditions



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