SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018


Nov 16, 2017

Owner: spellsmithtsw

The SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On allows you to create and view rich, detailed character sheets for roleplaying within Secret World Legends. You can add a picture, in-character information and background, and out-of-character notes to express yourself and your character in as much detail as desired. 


The SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On is a not-for-profit, open source project created, maintained, and hosted by the SWL roleplay community.  It is not the same as, nor should be confused with, the TSWRP mod created by Acenth.  This mod is not compatible with The Secret World (TSW).


More information can be found at the add-on homepage at http://profile.swlrp.com


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