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You can access the mod settings from the bag icon,which is located slightly below the top bar by default

Mod icon can be resized and moved anywhere on the screen while in GUI-Edit mode(padlock icon,top right corner).



Mission Claiming

Left clicking the mod icon will toggle between 4 different modes.

  1. red[default] - No changes.
  2. Green - All pending mission rewards are claimed when you press Ctrl+R, Weapons will also be swapped if configured so.
  3. Orange - Same as green,but keeps mission reports open for reading.
  4. Yellow - Mission rewards are automatically claimed on quest completion. No weapon swapping.

You can select the weapons for weapon swapping by right clicking the icon.
Weapon swapping will equip first bound weapon it finds, and after claiming the rewards attempts to swap back to original weapons.


Media Closing[Disabled by default]

  • Media closing feature can be enabled from the right-click menu and it ignores mission claiming mode.
  • When enabled mod will automatically close all image pop-ups*
  • Pop-ups are not closed while you have journal window open.
  • It will also create a clickable text under the mod icon, which can be used to show the image. This text will fade out in 10 seconds.
  • You can test this feature with HIVEmode magazine found at 405,315 New York.

* This feature doesn't only target quest related pop-ups, it closes all of them, including lair essence images, magazines, and images from other interactable items. If you run into something that should never be closed let me know and i can blacklist it.


Unzip to "Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\"


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