Reticle HUD

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 Overhaul of the combat UI that puts the "Head-Up" back into "HUD"





  • Combat UI redesigned into a compact ring around the reticle
  • Meters use small dots which dim/brighten to mark important values, avoiding the need for numerical displays
  • Meters are dimmed while not in combat and health/energy are not full
  • Meters are hidden while not in combat and health/energy are full
  • Meters are visible while in mouse mode
  • Health meters briefly indicate damage taken
  • Target's health meter has markers at 75%, 50%, and 25%
  • Energy meters have markers at 5 and 10
  • Sticky targeting: UI continues to track enemy target if reticle is pointed away while in combat

Assault Rifle

  • Fuse meter has marker at timer value when grenade will become cooked
  • Fuse meter pulses while grenade is cooked
  • With Explosives Expert passive slotted and/or KSR-43 weapon equipped, fuse meter's marker and pulsing are adjusted


  • Chi meter pulses while full
  • Spirit Blade meter has markers at 3 and 1 (to indicate whether using Tsunami or Swallow Cut will consume all remaining Spirit Blade charges)
  • Spirit Blade meter pulses while at 1
  • With Supreme Harmony active slotted, chi meter has marker at 3


  • Corruption/martyrdom meter changes color depending on whether corruption or martyrdom is greater than 0
  • Corruption/martyrdom meter has markers at 10, 60, and 90


  • With Duality passive and Tumultuous Whisper active slotted, paradox meter has marker at 6

Dual Pistols

  • Chambers meter changes colors depending on colors of chambers
  • Chambers meter has markers at 2.5 seconds and 1 second remaining during a lock (to indicate whether using Unload or Dual Shot will leave enough time for an additional ability to be queued within the lock duration)
  • Chambers meter pulses during a lock


  • Heat meter has markers at 25, 50, and 75
  • Heat meter also has markers at 79, 86, and 94 (to indicate whether using Mjolnir, Fire Bolt, or Fireball will cause you to overheat)
  • Heat meter pulses while overheated
  • With Maxwell's Demon passive slotted, heat meter displays a darkened overlay while affected by Maxwell's Demon, to indicate the heat "save point"


  • Fury meter has marker at 60
  • Fury meter pulses while at 60 or greater


  • Rage meter displays a deeper-colored overlay while enraged (like default UI)
  • Rage meter pulses while enraged


  • Shells meter changes color depending on type of shells loaded
  • Shells meter has markers at 2 and 4 (to indicate even-parity shells for Odds and Evens passive)
  • Shells meter pulses while empty
  • With Odds and Evens passive slotted, segment of shells meter pulses while current shell is even-parity
  • With Enrich passive slotted, shells meter also has marker at 6 while Depleted Uranium shells are loaded


How to Install

  1. Extract the ZIP archive to a temporary location, using a program such as 7-Zip (free, open-source) or Bandizip (free, not open-source, but nicer UI)

  2. Move the descendent.hud.reticle folder extracted from the ZIP archive into the Data\Gui\Custom\Flash folder under your Secret World Legends folder (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\Secret World Legends, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Secret World Legends)

  3. Under your Secret World Legends folder, there should now be a Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\descendent.hud.reticle\Modules.xml file (alongside some other files)


How to Configure

  • To scale the mod's UI, use chat command /setoption descendent_hud_reticle_scale <value> (where <value> should be replaced by a number, and defaults to 100); this scaling is multiplicative with the mod's automatic, resolution-based scaling

  • To disable the default weapon UI, go to "Interface Options", and under the "HUD Display" tab, under the "Weapon Status" group, disable "Enable left weapon status", "Enable right weapon status", "Enable left energy display", and "Enable right energy display"

  • To disable the default nametag UI, go to "Interface Options", and under the "HUD Display" tab, under the "Nametags" group, disable "Show target nametags" and "Show reticle target nametag"; more settings are in "Interface Options", under the "HUD Functionality" tab, under the "Nametags" group

  • To disable the default health and activation UI at the bottom of the screen, go to "Interface Options", and under the "HUD Display" tab, under the "Player Info" group, disable "Show player info" and "Show player cast bar" (also, under the "Target Info" group, disable "Show target info" and "Show target cast bar"); however, disabling the default health UI also disables the default buff/debuff effects UI, and therefore isn't recommended unless you use another mod to monitor buff/debuff effects

  • To change the style of the reticle to a crosshair, go to "Interface Options", and under the "Combat" tab, under the "Targeting" group, change the "Crosshair type" dropdown to "Crosshair"


Source Code

  • This mod's source code is available on GitHub