Workplace Filter

1,062 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 2, 2018 Game Version: 1.0

Tired of letting uneducated people into your factories? Or maybe even more tired of having your well educated engineers tending to the bars instead of making you more electronics? Fear not, the Workplace Filter is here. When the filter is active for a building, the game won't automatically place workers with the wrong specialisation in that building. Of course, you can still assign workers manually just fine, both with and without the correct specialisation.

Toggling the filter will never kick out any workers, it will just prevent the game from assigning new workers with the incorrect specialisation to that building.

============ Changelog ============
- Improved UI code, improving compatibility with other mods.
- Fixed an issue where new colonists landing would sometimes make the game freeze

======== Development pipeline ========
- More customisable filters (traits like martianborn, letting multiple specialisations or nonspecialised into a building and so on)


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