Perk Pack

1,018 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.0

Adds 12+ new perks, flaws, and quirks (including rare and uncommon traits). Does not require a new game, although new traits will only appear in the applicant pool as new applicants are generated.

- Nightowl (reduced penalties working at night)
- Kelptomaniac (occasionally steals resources)
- Self-Taught (can learn specializations by working, can know multiple specializations)
- Teetotaller (does not visit the bar)
- Couch Potato (does not exercise)
- Fancy (bonus sanity when visiting Luxury, more likely to visit Luxury)
- Laid Back (more likely to visit Relaxation)
- Child at Heart (will visit Playgrounds)
- Ugly (reduced birth rate)
- Jack of all Trades (reduced non-specialist penalty, can never specialize)
- Handyman (reduces maintenance, chance to fix malfunctions)
- Light Sleeper (reduced comfort from rest)
- Heavy Sleeper (bonus sanity when resting)
- Wanderer (will never take a residence)


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