Kitsune Core

204 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.1.51

Art by ScienceHerWay

The Kitsune Core is the successor to the Fox Core.

This Core mod is aimed at being more flexible. It's designed so when an update to this mod is released, any mod using this library will not encounter issues.

The KSCore is not a mod on it's own. A mod is required to be using this core mod to be functional in anyway.

The KSCore comes with function patching and easier access to data of the player/world.

The KSCore also comes with a UI system that does not use Staxel's CEF/HTML system. So if they ever remove that system, any mod that uses the "TailUI" system will continue to work.

To stop mod incompatibilities with the core's updates, namespaces will be used effectively. 

So if a huge change occurs that is not vital, it will be added to a new namespace E.g. nimbusfox.kitsunecore.V1.Rev1 . Updates that require mods to update their code will have a new namespace too E.g. nimbusfox.kitsunecore.V1.Update1 and will mark the update/base class/function as Obsolete and will no longer allow mods to be compiled. This way mods that use old code do not suffer incompatibilities and will continue to work.

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