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Starfield High Definition Texture Pack (HDTP)

This is a High Definition Texture Pack for Starfield. All textures are currently being AI upscaled to 2X original.
In most cases this makes the standard 2K textures into 4K versions of them.


If you would like to download the mod to try it out, please feel free to do so. Keep in mind that this is NOT finished yet.
The primary purpose for releasing this already is to get feedback and allow users the chance to try higher resolution textures.

You may use these assets in your own mod but you MUST credit me and link back to this mod page. (That's not so bad, right??)

Extract the contents of the zipfile to the %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Starfield\ directory.
In the same folder, make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini contains the following:



Q. Will this slow down my game?
A. Probably

Q. Will this use more vram?
A. Most likely, I have 24GB and havent tried on anything else yet.

Q. Why did you do this?
A. Because I could.

Q. When will it be finished?
A. Whenever I finish it. XD

Q. What model are you using currently?
A. realesrgan-x4plus but could (and honestly likely will) change very soon for at least some textures

Q. Will you be manually fixing certain files/issues?
A. Yes, the team will make manual adjustments when we need to!

With ♥️ from Epiphany!

Want to discuss the mod? Questions about future plans? Want the answer to all things, life, and the galaxy? Okay maybe not that last one.
Join the Discord and chat with the team!

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