Sorted Storages

16,340 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018 Game Version: 1.2.33

Sorted Storages is a simple mod that links all of the players chests in each location.


Once linked two things can happen:

- When you add an item to your chest it will look at other chests in the area to see if they contain the same item, if they do it moves the new stack into that chest (space permitting).

- If EnableCategorySorting is enabled in the mod config (on by default) and no suitable location was found for the stack it will fall back to moving items around based on their category (space permitting). 


For example, if you have a chest of wood and stone and you add wood to another chest it will be moved over to the one that already contains wood. Or if you have a chest of your extra tools and drop your pickaxe in, it will be moved to your tools chest (category sorting).


This mod should be compatible with Makeshift Multiplayer.


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