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This mod makes placing placeable items on your farm anywhere more convenient.

You can enter building mode to draw with your placeables on the ground, erasing mistakes as needed, and finally committing your drawing. At that point, everything will be instantaneously placed on the ground!

(This will also let you place floors and grass starters underneath existing fences!)

This mod is tested about as well as I can on my own, but I won't have caught every possible interaction or bug, so please report every oddity you find so I can get them sorted.

NOTE: This is not thoroughly tested with multiplayer, or local splitscreen. Multiplayer should work fine, but I can't guarantee it yet. Split-screen will likely have many issues.

Newest features: An actual UI, instead of needing a ton of hotkeys!

1.7.11 -- Fixed a problem placing DengDeng Monogatari's chest opener.
1.7.10 -- New creative mode feature!
1.7.8 -- Hopefully fully fixed the item stowing issue, and added a workaround to recover from the previous glitched state. Added a PR from atravita adding support for their upcoming mod.
1.7.7 -- Possibly fixes the item stowing issue for some people. Also adds a new object counting command! Type sb_count into the console to see the usage.
1.7.4 -- Adds integration for Tap Giant Crops, and Toolbar Icons!
1.7.3 -- Small bugfix!
1.7.2 -- Added a Spanish translation courtesy of sergiomadd. Thank you very much!
1.7.1 -- Added support for aedenthorn's wonderful Prismatic Fire mod. Now you can insert its supported gems into torches using the insertion tool from a distance. Also added some safety compatibility for Better Chests, and hotkeys for confirming and cancelling the build.
1.7.0 -- There's a UI, and significantly fewer essential hotkeys.
1.6.0 -- Now you can draw a filled rectangle using the keybind (which is configurable, of course), place torches on fences as if you were drawing normally, and replace fences with gates without needing to manually destroy the fence first.
1.5.1 -- Now there's a "more lax object placement" setting, meaning you can place objects (fences, sprinklers, etc.) in more, stranger places than vanilla would typically let you.
1.5.0 -- Added support for all More Fertilizers fertilisers (thanks for that, Atravita!), as well as translation support, and Chinese translation thanks to Becks723.
1.4.0 -- Fixed a few bugs, and changed item pickup behaviour.
1.3.3 -- Fixed the bug with scaling the build queue UI.
1.3.2 -- Now you can insert items into machines using Smart Building! Also fixed some modded seeds from not working correctly.
1.2.0 -- Added the ability to place furniture in typically impossible places, including beds.
1.1.1 -- Hotfix release for the bug introduced with planting trees and fruit trees in 1.1.0.
1.1.0 -- Added the ability to remotely pick up objects and flooring. Fences will only be returned to your inventory if they're still undamaged, exactly as in vanilla.
1.0.8 -- Now you can enable some optional toggles to allow you to place floors in typically impossible places, and replace fences and floors in-place.
1.0.7 -- Fixed a bug with fertilizing crops, where it would be possible to lose fertilizer due to crops being too old to be fertilized.
1.0.6 -- Added a build queue, so you can see exactly which items you have queued, and how many of each. This can be disabled in the settings.
1.0.5 -- Added tree tapper support, along with a toggle to disable it if you find it too cheaty.
1.0.4 -- Added toggles to disable some slightly cheaty building options, such as crops, tree fertilisers, etc.
1.0.3 -- I removed a debug keybind I accidentally left in. Oops!
1.0.2 -- Fixed all bugs reported so far (placing crops, and placing bombs outside of build mode).
1.0.1 -- I fixed my manifest boo-boo.
1.0.0 -- The mod exists!


    Enter build mode: Left shift + B
    Draw: Left mouse
    Move tool window: Middle mouse


    Show build queue: True
    Can pick up chests: False
    Allow crab pots in any water tile: False
    Enable replacing fences: False
    Enable replacing floors: False
    Less restrictive object placement: False
    Less restrictive floor placement: False
    Less restrictive furniture placement: False
    Less restrictive bed placement: False

Slightly cheaty toggles

    Enable building planting crops: False
    Enable building fertilising crops: False
    Enable building fertilising trees: False
    Enable building tree tappers: False
    Enable inserting items into machines: False

Debug options

    Enable debug keybinds: False
    Identify held item to console: LeftControl + LeftShift +J
    Identify producer/machine under cursor to console: LeftControl+LeftShift+K

If you want to contribute translations, first of all, thank you! However you want to get the translations to me is fine, whether it be via a PR on GitHub, or just sending me a DM here, pinging me on the Stardew Valley Discord, whatever is best for you.

Current languages:

    Chinese (by Becks723 on GitHub)
    Spanish (by sergiomadd)

Good mod pairings
Aedenthorn's Furniture Adjustment pairs nicely with this mod. If you put furniture in an "impossible" place using the lax placement setting, you can nudge it around a little to look like it fits better using it!

For mod authors:
If you need to check compatibility of, for example, crops, fertilizers, etc., a good first step will be to enable debug keybinds in the settings, and use the held item/producer identification binds to see which type of item Smart Building identifies it as.

There is also a command to identify every item in your inventory: sb_identify_all_items

Source on GitHub:
Bugs/issues on GitHub: