SH's Beach Crabs and Garden Snails

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This was a concept that I thought of adding to my other mod Festive Valley, but I then realized the idea is not very festive and decided to upload this as a separate mod. This mod allows crabs to spawn on the beach during spring until fall, and snails will spawn around in the valley from spring until fall as well. Driftwood also has a chance of spawning on the beach all year long as long as the day prior was raining/stormy.

The crabs are retextured rock crabs with altered stats (such as health and damage) and offer a 50% chance to drop a crab that you can take.  This part of the mod is inspired by strobel1ght's Better Beach Forage mod. ^_^ There is one minor issue where they will be counted in the Monster Eradication Goals from the Adventurer's Guild whenever the beach crabs have been slain.

The crabs and snails will not spawn in high numbers, and there are chances where you do not find any at all!