Hey! Thanks for checking out Level Up Notifications by yours truly! This is a super quick and simple SMAPI mod that notifies you the moment you level up in any discipline. (Mining, Farming, Foraging, Combat, and Fishing) with a little message at the bottom of your screen.

The mod is Client-side, so it works just fine on multiplayer, whether or not the host has it!

This is for anyone who doesn't want to wait until the end of the day to know when their Fishing level, for example, has increased, as that immediately affects your fishing speed and the size of the bobber bar. Same with Forage. You'll get better quality forage and your axe will work better (from what I understand)

This is the first mod that I have made, so it's super simple. Any constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a bug, PLEASE TELL ME! You can do either in a comment below!