FS - SH's Cottagecore Set

For Curseforge users: If you want to download all of my Fashion Sense packs in one, I suggest grabbing my SH's Get Dressed with Fashion Sense modpack or my SH's Nifty Creatures modpack instead.

This has been sitting untouched in my laptop since November 2022, so it's about time I uploaded this! <3 Similar to my previous FS pack, Animal Stuff and More Accessories and Stuff, this pack aims to add more customizable parts for your player! This pack kind of follows a similar premise to my previous packs, wherein you can use each accessory to build your farmer's outfit.

There are currently over 50+ pieces for you to choose from (see images to know what are included in this FS pack), all recolorable. Although, these parts don't necessarily have to be used to make anything cottagecore-like. Do whatever you'd like and have fun with what your creativity comes up with!

As of version 1.0, there are 15 in the Hats category10 in the Shirts category7 in the Sleeves category, 5 in the Pants category and [u]16 in the Accessories category[/u].

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Mods used in the preview pictures: