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Emily Ukrainian Wedding Dress

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UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or higher] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod.

This mod replaces Emily's original wedding outfit to incorporate traditional Ukrainian wedding regalia, including:

- A Hand-embroidered wedding dress, with unique designs and details meant to keep away the 'evil eye' and bring happiness
- Rushnyk (a special embroidered towel that serves as a belt)
- Numerous wedding jewels and gems, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets
- Vinok (a beautifully ornate wedding wreath), symbolizing purity

In this mod, Emily's family is both Russian and Ukrainian, but I decided to make her more closely connected to the Ukrainian side of her family (which is a common feeling in a mixed-ancestry family, at least in my experience). Thinking of how meticulous and detailed Ukrainian wedding regalia is, and how much of it was prepared by the bride herself long before the wedding ceremony (sometimes taking years to make!), I thought giving Emily a Ukrainian background (and wedding dress) would suit her character really well. 

Вітаю з днем вашого весілля! Бажаю безкінечного кохання і щасливого подружнього життя!


UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or higher] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod. No action needed.

This mod will NOT work with other wedding outfit mods that include Emily. If you want this mod to be compatible with other sprite editing mods, you'll need to either delete Emily's wedding version in those mods or only have this one installed. Having two different mods that change Emily's wedding appearance will not work together and may cause the game to crash.*

**THIS MOD IS NOW AVAILABLE ON CURSEFORGE AND MODDROP!** NexusMods, CurseForge, and ModDrop are the only websites I've uploaded this Mod to. If you see this mod on any other websites than the ones listed, it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus, Curseforge, or ModDrop :) Thank you!