Chance Cubes

7,485 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.3.32

This is my Stardew Valley port of my Chance Cubes mod that was originally for Minecraft Forge.


Chance Cubes are an item that can be placed in the world and when broken product some sort of reward, whether it be items, or in the future, NPCs and so on.


Currently cubes can be bought from Pierre at 150 gold and contain 3 rewards.


My focus on this port will mainly be balance by only having small events occurring. Hopefully by making the cubes purchasable and focusing more on having chances to get beneficial loot out of them and making it difficult or impossible to turn a profit on the cubes, while also being affordable, I can provide a good experience with the mod.


This mod is mainly for me to learn C# and the Stardew modding API.


Should be fun... Right?


This is mostly just a proof of concept.


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