Blessings and Curses

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Blessings and Curses

This mod adds a random chance to gain a random buff or debuff  every X amount of days. The random days are configurable via json files.  This mod contains over 28+ buffs/debuffs. On average each buff last 15 mins, Some may be lessened. Your Buff will only last the day it was given. Sleep resets the buff. 


This Mod will also add Augments to the mine shaft. These augments will make the mine shaft easier or harder based on the augment chosen. You get an Augment every 5 levels. Configurable via config.


You can also spawn Slime's with bits, and Subscribers will jump in as a Junimo on a Subscription notification. 


This mod runs with out a Linked Twitch account, It will still either give you a buff or a debuff. If you are a streamer and connect an account & channel name, Chat will be able to choose what buff/debuff you get. What is chosen will be from 3 randomly selected buffs/debuffs. 





  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.


requires Bookcase by Darkhax

 Twitch Integration


  • Chat Polls to select a Buff/Debuff on random days.
  • Bits to spawn Slimes (minimum bit amount configurable via json)
  • Subscribers Spawn Junimo's. (They only spawn for one day)
  • Chat Polls to select a Mine Shaft Augment every 5 levels.

 Setting up Twitch Integration


     When setting up your Twitch integration, make sure that all information you add into the "twitch_secret.json" file is keep secret. Your OAuth key is no different than a password. This file is separate from the "config.json file for this reason. 


  1. Get an OAuth key for the Twitch Account you want to use, and place it into "OAuth_Token" that allows chat login.
    1. You could use  by swiftyspiffy
    2. Select 'Chat Bot Token' option when prompted. (Or select 'chat_login' under 'v5')
    3. If your OAuth key gets stolen you can revoke on that same site '<ACCESS_TOKEN>'
  2. Input username into "Twitch_User_Name" for the twitch account you got the OAuth key for.
    • Make sure to add "" around all the entrys in the twitch secret file. ie. "Twitch_User_Name": "gendeathrow"
  3. Lastly add the channel name you want to connect to. 

Config Settings


Under your "config.json" you will find 8 options:


  1. Enable_Twitch_Integration: Enable or Disable Twitch Chat Integration
  2. Random_Day_Buffs : This will turn on the random buffs you can get each morning based of a min and max days. Currently 28+ blessings and curses.
  3. Random_Day_Buff_Min_Max : Set the Min and Max you would like for the days you can get random buffs. 
  4. Use_Bits_To_Spawn_Mobs : As written. Allows mobs to spawn from bits
  5. Next few options are a Min and Max range for spawning. Setting a single number will spawn a monster on that number and any number above it. Meant for the top tier you would like to set.  
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Slimes_Range
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Bugs_Range
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Crabs_Range
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Fly_Range
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Bat_Range
    • Bits_To_Spawn_Big_Slimes_Range
  6. Bits_To_Mobs_Bit_Amount : Send the threshold to spawn a mob from X amount of bits. Only one mob spawns no matter how much over the threshold a viewer gives.
  7. Spawn_Subscriber_Junimo : Anytime you get a subscriber a Junimo will spawn in jumping around. 
  8. Mine_Augment_Every_x_Levels : Every X amount of levels you descend into the mine shaft, You will gain a new Augment.. Good or Bad. Best to leave at 5, since that corresponds to the elevator levels you can get on and off of.  
  9. Twitch_Vote_Time_In_Secs : Ability to change the time it takes for viewers to vote. This is in case you a larger/shorter delay between you and the viewers voting.
  10. Show_Debug_Text : Will show a lot of whats happening in the background. This will spam your SMAPI console, Mostly dealing with Twitch Connections and Poll selections. 
  11. Use_Chat_Command_Debugging: Set True if you want to use debugging commands in chat for testing twitch integration, without subs and bits.
  12. Moderators_Can_Only_Use_Chat_Commands: Make sure if your testing on live stream, only a select few including the account setup on the mod can use the debugging commands. 

Known Bugs:

  • If playing Co-op Games, junimo's will cause soft crashes for the farmhands. As of now you have to turn off the junimo subscribers. 





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