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Whimsical Hollow

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°˖✧ Whimsical Hollow ✧˖°


Introducing the Whimsical Hollow modpack.
A small expansion on the lives outside of Pelican Town and the magic that lurks throughout the valley.


This modpack also requires Farm Type Manager for the "Beach Crabs and Garden Snails" and "Festive Valley" parts to work, which is not available in Curseforge, but can be found in Nexus Mods.

This modpack makes use of my own projects and compiles them together into its own little expansion of sorts, which contain the following: Adoptable Animals, Beach Crabs and Garden Snails, Domestic Animals, Festive Valley, and Wild Animals.  A little emphasis on being kind to life forms that aren't human and that, honestly, the lives outside of ours and outside of the city is what makes the world beautiful and lively (just like Grandpa would have wanted you to remember that day you decided to leave the corporate job).


✧ Be able to adopt over 20 animals (with over 20 color variations currently available) as custom pets from Marnie as soon as you get max  hearts with your first pet (custom barn/coop animals and more pets coming soon!). Remember, there's an in-game note that every pet should have their own food bowl to remain happy, so don't bite off more than you can chew! If you keep them happy enough, they might start giving you gifts! ✧


✧ Find crabs and snails as forage at the beach and throughout the valley grounds. You're more likely to find them after the rain though! ✧


✧ Just like the farmer, some of the Pelican Town townies have their own little fuzzy buddy in their homes. They might not be too fond of the farmer at first, but they can sense that you're a nice person if you're nice to their human companions. They might want to follow you around a little bit if they like you enough! ✧


✧ The townspeople aren't the only ones who have get all festive during specific times of the season. On days leading up to certain festivals and during them, the valley might want to start celebrate the town's festivities too. Find some free eggs and <s>cookies</s> chocolate bunnies around the Egg Festival dates, flowers during the Flower Dance, more fruits and fruit bats when it's time for the summer Luau. Maybe, just maybe, the valley would be kind enough to give you something that might be useful! So go on and have fun collecting what the valley has to offer! ✧


✧ The valley's wildlife is starting to make an appearance, albeit quite cautiously. There won't be much in the first year, aside from the shy squirrel and the occassional raccoon that likes to loiter near George's trash can and a couple others... But the longer you play your save file, the more likely more and more animals will start to return to the local environment. Get in touch with nature, be kind to the town's folk, be friendly to your local junimos, and you might notice how much the local wildlife has grown.

Perhaps you might start seeing the baby animals down the line and perhaps some of the wild animals may get quite fond of you (and perhaps you might randomly catch a glimpse of the silly easter eggs added into the game)! ✧