Skyrim NPC Editor

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Release Version 0.75.1

NOTE: If you want your language added, send me all the files in the STRINGS folder.

 Added Features:
 - ***0.75.1 Fixes placement ID conflicts causing NPC not to show up.***
 - ***0.75 Other minor bugs fixes.***
 - ***0.75 Fixed Nif File's NPC face mesh texture path.***
 - ***0.75 Fixed crash bug when using the Default Race and other facegen races without a head mesh.***
 - ***0.75 Fixed unable to find mesh issue when loading previously saved New NPC.***
 - ***0.75 Added support for Windows-1251 encoding. (Languages that use Cyrillic script: Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic and others)***
 - 0.74 Fixed FormID Conflict when having more than one New NPC
 - 0.74 Fixed crash when loading certain plugins that are incorrectly formed
 - 0.73 Added New NPC Placement Selection
 - 0.73 More bug fixes
 - 0.72 fixes a few bugs, otherwise it is the same as 0.71
 - NPC Renaming and New NPC Creation. (See FAQs below for New NPC issues)
 - Warpaints/Makeups/Skintone Editing.
 - Perks Editing.
 - Relationship editing.
 - Leveling and stats mechanics editing.
 - Load plugins (.esp) and master files (.esm) data.
 - Editable plugins load order for editor, include/exclude setting page.
 - Saving textures and meshes to BSA files.
 - Fixed several bugs.

 Additional Info:

 - Not compatible with Extended Color Sliders. Not recommended to include this mod in the plugin load list.

 Features not implemented and known issues:

 - Problem rendering hair and facial hair with tranparency. (See Technical below)