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The goal of this mod is to enhance the fun and usefulness of some of the less popular dragon shouts. Now you can engage in a battle of the Thu'um with the deadliest dragons of Skyrim, and complete a quest to enchant a magic talisman that protects your companions from the harmful effects of your shouts.

In particular it seemed if the player goes through the effort to find and unlock the third word of any dragon shout, it should be both fun and useful. Accordingly, the third words of several shouts have new secondary effects.

A number of the cooldowns have been reduced, also the damage significantly increased for Frost Breath and Fire Breath. Other changes to the shouts include:

- Third word of Ice Form enhanced with an AoE Ice Form Blast
- Unrelenting Force damage is same as vanilla but force is more powerful for the third word
- Third word Dismay has new visual effect, and affects undead
- Third word Throw Voice summons a decoy at the target area and allows player to remain undetected
- Third word of Animal Allegiance summons mighty beasts of the forest to aid the Dovahkiin
- Third word of Aura Whisper adds temporary boost to Sneak and Pickpocket
- Third word of Disarm affects higher level enemies
- Third word of Kyne's Peace affects people as well as animals

Two new quests added, A Trace of Aetherium and Synearil's Legacy, which make it possible to craft the Dovah Mir, a magical talisman you can give to your follower to protect them from friendly fire damage by player shouts.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement below!

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Simply unpack and drop Shout-Tastic.esp and Shout-Tastic.bsa into your Skyrim Data folder.

This mod is not compatible with mods that alter dragon shouts.


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