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Graphical Perk Planner AND in-game Perk/Stat Respec

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If this doesn't save your bat files right (Run program as administrator) http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/11841-run-administrator.html New Smaller File size, Easier install (can now run as administrator) .Net Framework MUST be installed for this to work.

Version 1.12 Complete Respec Mode! (or cheat mode if you're into that) Will help you keep track of just how many and what perk points you can spend From in-game Console ' bat remove (gets all perks ready for changing) bat add (sets all perks to current build) bat stats (respecs stats to current build)

Version 1.9 AUTOSAVE (Create batch file label is remove, it autosaves everything now) If it can not find your skyrim game folder (IE non english version) It will ask you to locate TESV.exe manually. bat remove bat add

Version 1.7 BAT ISSUES FIXED to actually reset your talents in game ABSOLUTELY ALL YOU NEED TO TYPE IS bat remove bat add In the console that is IT. Do this from the main game HAVE NO MENUS OPEN.

Includes Setup.exe and source code. To Install, Extract all files into a folder of your choosing and run Setup.exe

contact tw1sted_trans1st0r(a.t)yahoo.com with bug reports/suggestions ADDED README FILE TO DOWNLOAD

This was written in Vb.net so the .net framework IS necessary for this. I know there are a lot of Perk Planners out there, but this is the first I've seen that lets you actually create a file to reset your perks to the existing tree (yes I know this can be used to cheat and get any perks you want, but so can just console commands.) Can be used as just a planner.

To Do -Get hotkey working to automatically run batch file in game (Hotkey hook works, just can't get appllicaiton to send "`" key for the command console, so if anyone knows how to do that in VB let me know :) -Replace circles with nicer looking stars much like in game. -Center Circles for better over-all visual eye candy.

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Link to Video show a quick How To. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=518mSXAVY7s