Light Armor Headgear

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This mod makes all of the circlets, hats, and hoods that count as clothing into "Light Armor." This does not give the items an armor value, but allows you to use them with Light Armor Perks that require you to wear all Light Armor. Currently, the following have been set as "Light Armor" -Adept Hood -Alik'r Hood -Apprentice Hood -Black Mage Hood -Chef's Hat -Cicero's Hat -Circlet of * Alchemy -Circlet of * Alteration -Circlet of * Archery -Circlet of * Conjuration -Circlet of * Destruction -Circlet of * Illusion -Circlet of * Magicka -Circlet of * Restoration -Circlet of Waterbreathing -Copper and Moonstone Circlet -Copper and Onyx Circlet -Copper and Ruby Circlet -Cowl -Execution Hood -Executioner's Hood -Fine Hat -Gold and Emerald Circlet -Gold and Ruby Circlet -Greybeard's Hood -Hat -Jade and Emerald Circlet -Jade and Sapphire Circlet -Jester's Hat -Leather Hood -Mage Hood -Mage's Circlet -Mourner's Hat -Nocturnal's Hat -Novice Hood -Psiijic Hood -Ragged Cap -Redguard hood -Shrouded Hood -Silver and Moonstone Circlet -Silver and Sapphire Circlet (Those with * are of differing power levels: Minor, Major, Eminent, Extreme, and Peerless.) Install this mod to your Skyrim\Data folder and use Data Files of the Skyrim Launcher to activate the mod.


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