Glass Weapon Set Recolor WIP

14,388 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 16, 2011

Updated Current Colors: Magma Red Orange - Blue Hilt Emerald - Bone White Hilt ( I made this one much less "glowy") Obsidian - Silverish Hilt (Not glowy) --------

Coming Colors:

Bone White Blade with undecided color hilt Aqua Blue with undecided color hilt --------

About: Doing this set to have some nice looking weapons in the game when you get bored with the standard weapon sets. I will be doing the entire glass weapon set at some point, the greatsword is next, will be uploaded to this and I will repackage older weapons into their own compilation zips. This set will be all original colors, not whole sets. I will simply do weapons that are the best for this and some will be left out. If enough interest is there, I may separate these color sets and do individual release packs like I did with my Obsidian Glass set.

Inlcuded in this are the different weapon textures which I recolored as well as pictures and a readme. --------

Regarding Colors: If you like the idea but dislike the color you may request a color scheme and I will accommodate the most popular/ones I like. --------

Let me know if you have any issues installing or using or simply have a comment.

Just drop these files into your Data folder, inside the textures folder. If you have any problems let me know.


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