Cao's Charms

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Cao's Charm Medallions

NOW a version 2

they were too rare to find, now fixed.

if you have v1, delete or uncheck mark it, place this version in data files, replace all files.


I intended this mod to give players something rare and fun to find, to want to collect them all.

This mod adds Charms, medallions that you equip in your apparel tab. they take no equipment slot, and do not show up on your character, but give small bonuses to various skills and resistances, and fortify health or magic or stamina.

you only need 1 charm of each type, the doubles you sell. (the effects of the same type dont stack)

51 charms in all.
the super rare are the black with white paint charms.


The best way to find charms is to find "Boss" chests in dungeons. otherwise, some random containers have about a 3% chance of having a charm.

there are very common charms, less common, uncommon, and super rare charms. try to collect them all!



use Curse Client


Place "cao_Charms" into Skyrim DATA folder also place the folders "meshes" and "textures" into DATA folder aswell.

in the launcher tick the checkbox.

  • Data Files grayed out?

Go to: Drive Letter:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini

For those who don't have bought the game on steam, the SkyrimPrefs.ini file is located in Drive Letter:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Add these lines, or change them if they already exist so they match the below: [Launcher] bEnableFileSelection=1

If that fails: Go to: Drive Letter:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Skyrim Make the Skyrim folder un-read only.

(for those concerned, the images on the charms are from a copyright-free open source, GIMP brushes)


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