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Converted from Sims 3 where these buildings were rabbit holes, these are purely decorative and will be pretty in any city, modern or medieval. 

Base Game Compatible.

Most of them light up at night time.


Bonus: the tivoli wagon from S3 Store World of Wonders. It has a picture of Montevista on its side, so I think it fits in :)


Place on or off lot.

You can place Hood Deco Objects off lot with the help of T.O.O.L by @twistedmexi - be sure to read the instructions for the mod if you are not already familiar. Same creator is also working on the much-anticipated CAW - Create-A-World-mod - currently still in alpha development.


If you want an emptier world, free from ugly modern deco, check out my Blowtorch mod - read more about it here.
Unfortunately, the file format and installation process mean I won't be able to put in on Curseforge, but it is available for free on Patreon.