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Base Sim / Base Sims Whimsy Fairytale Style


Young adult Base Sims


Eight Young Adult sims in diverse skintones and colours in my distinct whimsical fairy tale style


  • Access my makeup sliders by pulling these sims into CAS with your own sim
  • Left make-up in tact for each outfit category to assist you, because re-doing the makeup for each outfit is such a chore.
  • No more starting from scratch - start with a base model and add your own details and features as you go.



Advice for using base sims:

None of us want sims who look like clones of each other (unless you're playing the scientist career of course or using a cloning spell to get your chores done faster ... ). To that end, I have some advice:


  1.  A base sim is really just a starting point ...
  2.  Push and pull each feature to give the face unique character
  3.  Change at least 3 features on the sim - eg select new eyebrows or eye shape, maybe different lip preset etc.


If you use my base sims, a reference back to me would be much appreciated! Of course, totally optional, but I appreciate the support and any credit given! These sims are part of my unique style and brand, I appreciate that they are used with the care, discretion and credit given. If you're so inclined, you can link back to me on Curseforge or my patreon to support my content.

I do suggest and enjoy using a default skin and eye replacement. Skin : Eyes : (Optional or use your own default replacements, I don't like EA's defaults so I always use my own).