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Totally Blank Save Game (1.99.305.xxxx)


This is my first non-lot upload to CurseForge and I tried to make it a useful one. This is a totally blank save, with zero hours of play, almost no lots, and no townies.

Notes: For reasons beyond my control you can't delete the High School and exit Build mode, so I had to think quick and placed the LilSimsie build from the gallery. My thanks to Kayla for making it available, and if you like it, consider downloading the matching Auditorium. As for other lots, such as the Onsen bath and so on, I didn't change the lot type or otherwise couldn't. For some I just didn't bother and left them as a reminder of what once was. I didn't bother with apartments, as they can be finnicky. As far as townies go, there shouldn't be anyone other than Father Winter. Delete him at your own peril.

This save includes all worlds as of Horse Ranch, though I didn't blank out any of the vacation worlds. If you are missing any packs, when you first use this save you might see an error message about missing packs. Click ok and once loaded in, go into the menu and 'save as' a new save, and then exit back to the main menu. Load your freshly made save. That error shouldn't come back.