NOCC San Sequoia save file

Hello my dear simmers. Today I present to you my new No CC San Sequoia save file.

Here you will find many family houses, cafe, restaurant, townhouses, kindergarten,library and so on. You can already find all these lots on my YouTube channel,here, on Patreon, as well as on my gallery.

YouTube playlist :


Gallery ID : bojansimsyt

The only lot I haven't renovated is the Recreation center that was made  by Lilsimsie, but I plan to sometime in the future. When I finish that lot I will post a new version. Until then, I hope you enjoy my save file. I love you all and happy simming.

Also, I would like to mention that I had the honor of collaborating with RachelPedd ,a talented simmer on one of the houses.

*All you need to insert this file into your folder where all  your save files are normally located.

Now let me introduce you to all the lots that you will find in my save file.