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ZT Windenburg Castle (CC Free)

Windenburg Castle

Renotaved castle, a traditional castle combined with modern comfort. Limited pack build, no CC used. Fully furnished, aside from some tower rooms and basement rooms, ideal to add more gameplay items from other packs - or more bedrooms. Vampire and Spellcaster gameplay items are subtly incorporated throughout. Style : Traditional Luxury.

Main level:
- Main Entrance, formal living room, dining room and central straircase.
- Main courtyard with a kitchen garden, barbecue area, storage space and basement access.
- 4 smaller courtyards with access to the 4 main towers :
* Tower A : double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.
* Tower B : 2 levels : Unfurnished, rooftop terrace.
* Tower C : 3 levels : Lower level single bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, unfurnished 2nd and 3rd levels, basement access and balcony.
* Tower D : workshop/greenhouse, basement access, roof terrace.

First floor:
- Family living room, library with a half bathroom, chapel (music room).
- Access to the battlements, 2 small towers and a terrace.

Second floor:
- Landing seating area
- Double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and terrace with access to 2 small towers.

Third floor:
- Landing seating area
- Primary bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and terrace with access to 2 small towers.

Basement 1:
- Kitchen, pantry (potential laundry), half bathroom, access to tower C.
- Gym / Pool and full bathroom.
- Double half bathroom.
- Crypt.
- Dungeons.
- Access to the main courtyard and tower D.

Basement 2:
- Treasury.
- Storage rooms.

- Lot type : Residential.
- Lot size : 40x30, designed for the Lighthouse lot (Crumbling Isle, Bjergsen family) in Windenburg. Does also look nice on the 14 Nettle Lane lot in Henford-on-Bagley.
- Lot value : +/- 808.000.
- Packs used : Get Together, Vampires, Realm of Magic and Castle Estate Kit.
- I suggest to decorate the curved rooms in the "walls down mode" to avoid diffulties when placing items.
- Please have the cheat "bb.moveobjects on" enabled before placing this lot.