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Princess themed bedroom for your pink loving toddler. 

Base Game + CC



You may notice a change in the way you can download this content. Required CC will be automatically downloaded with install. This will make downloading my content less time consuming, I hope. 😊

There will be no longer a list of links you must download unless the CC is not available on curseforge. In this case there will be an external link.


Thanks to CC creators:

  • Felixandre
  • Taurus Design
  • Sixamcc
    • House of Harlix
    • Cream Latte Dream
    • the_lady_gaia


New to Downloading Rooms?

You can find rooms you download in the gallery in-game. Click on your library and make sure you have the Custom Content check box ticked. Also make sure you have the bb.moveobjects cheat enabled. This will make sure everything is placed correctly.