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- For this build you'll need the following cc:
A Winged Llama  Apartment Therapy, Blooming rooms, boho living
Charly Pancakes lavish, miscellanea, modish, selection one
Felixandre Florence, grove 3, Kyoto, Paris 1+3, Fayun 1+3, shop the look 1, chateau 6
Felixandre and Harrie Collabs Baysic, baysic bathroom, Harluxe, livin rum, Orjanic 2, tiny twavellers
Harrie Octave 3, Shop the look.
Kiwisim Tui dining
My Cup of CC Avant Basic lounge, The modernist living, faux fireplace
//www.patreon.com/pierisim/posts?filters" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.patreon.com/pierisim/posts?filters[tag]=download">Pierisim auntie vera, domaine du clos 2, MCM 1+3+5, oak house 5+6, teeny weeny, winter garden 1
The Clutter Cat babyboo 1, dandy bathroom, kawaii kidz, 222, busybee, catmilk 1 +2 reloaded, winterfest wonders
~ NON-ESSENTIAL CC (I only used a few pieces, so you can skip these if you want to)
Greenllamas Kerv (mirror)
Leaf Motif Aubrey office, botanic boudoir, sunny corner, patron gifts all
Little Dica  delicato, sweet treats
Tuds wave 2