Robot Pets - ts2 Conversion

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Sims 2 had some weird ports.  You can find it on the PC, Gamecube, DS, GBA, and the PSP and they are all vastly different games.  Many of them share a crashed alien ship in common, but the non-PC games all have several unique items and ideas you won't find in the mainline games.  Like Beelzebeef, or Optimum Alfred, vastly different aliens and, in the case of the PSP version of Sims 2 Pets: robot dogs and cats.  Also, alien dogs and cats, but I'm dealing with the robot ones here.

This is a pretty deep dive; I only found out about these guys by chance.  But I knew I had to have them.  And just look at 'em.  They're very different from the robot pets I've already converted.  It's been very interesting seeing all the different robot designs gathered up in one spot.  While I can see how mainline Servos evolved over time robot pets seem to have nothing in common.  But that's alright.  I like that they're so different!  Having the robot pets be just a skin like they are normally in Sims 4 isn't as interesting as having them look truly robotic.  At least to me.

I had to massage the proportions of the dog and especially the cat to fit into the Sims 4's skeleton.  But I think they turned out alright anyway.  The blue eyed dog and the top cat are the original textures; the alternate versions are based off corrupted textures that Ninjaripper extracted first.  As usual I included them anyway to give you guys options.  I gave them glowing colors, but no shine this time.  I don't think they were all that shiny in Sims 2: Pets PSP anyway.  The texture map for them is ridiculous.  I had to make a repeating pattern of the stupidly small texture from the game since the mesh relies on it so much.  These were never meant to be looked at on a modern day monitor, that's for sure!

I eagerly await official robots in the Sims 4.  What are the chances the robots found in Pets will be able to be actual robots, eh?  Slim to none!