WEE Working Elevators Everywhere

Build Elevators everywhere instead of Stairs

  • You’ll find two custom Elevators under Electronics/Misc which cost 999$/1499$
  • You’ll find two extra Elevators with #2 to let you Build two Homes on one Lot with thier own Elevators to reach seperated Areas.
  • Sims & Pets will use them to go from one Floor to the other. No Stairs needed!
  • You can Build up to 10 Elevators on one Lot
  • You can also use them on Penthouses but you need to build at least one original Elevator so Sims can exit/entrance the Lot! So on one Floor you need to build a custom one as well as a original one!
  • You need to have at least 3 Free Tiles between Front of the Elevators Entrance and the next Wall.


  • English (default),
  • Danish by Sighubert,
  • Portuguese by Ana Carolina,
  • Chinese by hi007097,
  • Italian by RorySim,
  • French by Lorraine3055,
  • Spanish by ChofisAquino


Mod Support available via my Discord: