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Venue Changes unlocks most venue types in Build Mode. It can be used to:

  • Unlock custom venue types added by other mods.
  • Change the lot type of special lots, like Chalet Gardens, Myshuno Meadows, or even the Mt. Komorebi Summit.
  • Make world-specific lot types, like Beaches, available in all worlds.


Venue Changes does not currently alter where Sims will be sent for active careers, it just unlocks the venue types. If you set a custom venue to "Hospital", Sims in the Doctor career will still be sent to the default Hospital. This is a feature I'm considering implementing in the future, but isn't currently included.


This mod has two package files.

  • The "Venues" package modifies the list of venues to show all types that have hide_from_buildbuy_ui set to false.
  • The "Changes to Existing Venues" makes special lot types available (by setting hide_from_build_buy_ui to false) and makes other changes necessary for the venues to work properly.


Known Issues

  • If you don't have certain packs installed, the list of venues will show blank items. You can just ignore these.