This will add a new option to 'Trade...' your goats, sheep, and rabbits for meat that can be used as an ingredient in my custom food and crafting recipes. This file is base game compatible, but for now you will need either Horse Ranch or Cottage Living because the animals you will trade for meat come with those packs. I'll be adding more base game options in the future!

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This adds a new option to 'Trade...' for meat to:


1.) Horse Ranch - Mini Goats, Mini Sheep

2.) Cottage Living - Rabbits (spawn from Wild Rabbit Home)


Meat quality will be determined by the happiness of the goats/sheep that you trade. For now, rabbit meat will always be normal quality. The meat will be delivered via your sim's mailbox.







How do I install this?
If you're not using the CurseForge app then install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.
Do NOT put any ts4script files more than one folder deep.

Will this work with other mods?
Any resources that might conflict with other mods are listed in the 'Conflicts' Page.

I'm having issues with this content, what should I do? 
Please post any issues you're having in the Bug Reports section on my Discord. You can get help with troubleshooting or report the problem there so I can take a look at it.