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Toddler Bedroom Stuff




The Rocking Horse

sims of all ages can ride the rocking horse. Toddler, children, and adult with a childish trait will gain special moodlets after playing. 

Additionally, toddler sims can name and nap on the horse.

They will nap for 1.5-2 hours and they will do this autonomously when their energy is low, but they dont gain energy very fast while napping on the rocking horse, considering this is not a bed after all. 



The Sleeping Mat

This is a toddler only object, and it comes in 7 swatches

Pattern inspiration from Elizabeth Hartman 

toddlers can nap or sleep, both interaction look the same, but if you choose "nap" they will nap for 1.5-2 hours only. If you choose "sleep" they will sleep until their energy is full, and they also gain energy slightly faster when sleeping. 


Swing Chair

The swing chair comes in 7 swatches, and the pattern of the pillow matches the pattern of the sleeping mat


Toddlers can play on the swing

Sims of all ages can sit on the swing


Toddler Basketball Hoop

Playing with the ball increase toddler's moment skill. If the toddler's movement skill is below level 3 they can be seen falling over more often.



They will get one of two mooldets after playing depending on their skill level