Sunrise Alarm Clock

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This mod is Base Game Compatible and enhanced by High School Years.


Hey Sunshine! Alarm clocks are back in The Sims 4 and you can now wake up on your own time. Set your alarm to 8 o’clock sharp every day, 2 hours before work, or right at sunrise on the weekends. The choice is yours!

The Reclaimed Wood Grain Alarm Clock is included for free and works in Base Game. If you have High School Years, a Sunrise Edition of the Bread n Butter Alarm Clock is available. If you have Simzlink + High School Years installed the Home Hub will work as an alarm clock.

If you have the alarm clock mod created by Scumbumbo, the TS2 object conversions will automatically be supported.

Creators can easily make their custom alarm clocks compatible with Sunrise animations and effects by following a few easy steps.


Getting Started

Get started by selecting a compatible alarm clock and choosing Create Alarm within the Sunrise category. Choose whether you’d like to wake up at a Specific TimeCareer Based, or Sunrise Based.  Career and Sunrise Based alarms will let you enter an offset so you can wake up any number of minutes earlier.

Once your alarm is created you can Manage Weekly Schedule to set specific days you’d like your alarm to ring. If you deselect all then it will ring every day. Career Based alarms are synced to their work schedule.

You can also temporarily Disable/Enable your alarm if you need to.


Rise and Shine!

Once your alarm goes off, you’ll hear a not-so-delightful sound that will surely wake your Sim up. Depending on how tired your Sim is, or if they have the Lazy trait it may be harder for them to get out of bed. You can manually Snooze Alarm for 15 minutes or Turn Off for the day, however Sims that wake up autonomously will turn off their alarm themselves!

Other Sims in the room may wake up but are less affected. Toddlers and Babies are more likely to be disturbed however.


Reward Traits

Reward Traits can help influence how your Sims wake up. If you’re just not a morning person then purchase the Bedrock trait for 25 Satisfaction Points. Now you’ll nearly sleep through your alarm every day! If you are a light sleeper then purchase the Rise ‘n Shiner trait for 125 Satisfaction Points and your Sim will be sure to get up on the dot.


Daily Report

Subscribe to the Daily Report on any alarm clock and your Sims will receive a notification with the local weather and news from around the world each time they turn off their alarm.