Sulani Events Calendar and Flyer Notifications

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Haii haii! This is a mod that does notifications of Sulani events the same way all festivals work in the game! Festivals happen every day in Sulani, but the game does not notify you of when these events happen and what these events are, unlike other in-game festivals! I thought this mod would be a great way to not only give notifications of when these events happen but also give a description of what these events are!

What is this Mod?
Sulani Events Calendar and Flyer Notifications is a mod that adds the events that happen in Sulani onto the calendar along with flyers to describe what these events are.

  • Notifications: Notifications will appear when an event in Sulani is starting
  • Calendar: Events in Sulani will now appear on the calendar
  • Functional Flyers: Flyers describing the event can be viewed when clicking on a notification or on the calendar. If the event is active, clicking the travel to event button, will take the sim straight to the event.

Mod Includes

8 Flyers, Calendar Descriptions, and Notifications made for events in Sulani:

  • Town BBQ
  • Flower and Music Festival
  • Town Potluck
  • Island Celebration
  • Beach Bonfire
  • Fishing Competition
  • Family Funday
  • Turtle Hatching


Island Living Expansion pack

This mod overrides any functions dealing with Sulani Events.
This mod is NOT compatible with the Island Event Notifications Enabled Mod by MizoreYukii.

Other Notes
Adding a Dish to the Table: At the Town Potluck event, the game does not allow you to click and drag a dish onto the table. To add a dish, walk up to a table, and in the inventory, click Place in World. Now, your sim should place the dish on the nearby table.

Events Notifications: If you start a new save, the game does not load the events on the calendar or notifications for the events until the next day.


Turtle Hatching Date: On the Turtle Hatching event flyer, it says Dates Vary. The Turtle Hatching event seems to appear randomly once you unlock this event. 

This mod was inspired by the Island Event Notifications Enabled Mod by MizoreYukii
This mod was made in collaboration with developer Yormi
Polish Translation done by Aarathiel
French Translation done by braville
Portuguese Brazil Translation done by Camélia

Chinese Simplified and Traditional done by Liquor

V2 - Fixed empty text appearing for other languages

V3 - Added Turtle Hatching Event Flyer
      - Changed Travel To location, Sims will now arrive closer to the event location in all events
      -  Fixed Typos in Flyer times
V3 Translations - Added Polish Translation, Added French Translation, and Added Portuguese Brazil Translation