Small Award Overhaul (Get Famous)

This Mod changes a few things about the Awards Sims can win at the Starlight Accolade

What i changed within this Mod:

  • Trophies are now dragable and storable in Sims Inventories as well as Storage Chest, Craftsales Table, Retail Shelf.
  • The golden Trophy is worth 50.000$, Silver 25.000$ and Bronze 10.000$ (only affects new won Trophies)
  • Celebs with Fame Level 4 and 5 will win a golden Trophy. Celebs with lvl 2 and 3 will win Silver and Celebs with lvl 1 will win Bronze.
  • The Trophy will be added to the Sim Inventory instead of Household Inventory
  • Active Household Sims as well as played NPCs will get a Trophy if they win
  • Trophies can be renamed so you can keep track of who won them


Mod Support available via my Discord: