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[simmireen] baby and emotions


I needed these for my own storysakes, but I couldn’t stop adding emotions. They are subtle though, since I’m not the biggest fan of overly done emotions ^^

‘baby and emotions’ 


2x10 duo poses for your parent/dad with an infant <small>(these probably are not the best for bulky males and don’t work for all female sims, clipping will occur then</small><small>)</small>


The poses work with Teleport any Sim and Andrew’s Pose Player The posepack is as usual provided with previews. Every sim-body is different, so there can be a bit of clipping in some places because these poses are made with rigs that fit my sims, even though I check with the normal rig textures if things fit too.

I really would like to see if you use my poses! So tag me here or at instagram (@simmireen)

Terms of use
Don’t claim as yours or put behind a paywall
Don’t re-edit (adjusting hands is always allowed for personal use, just don't change up my pose)
Don’t reupload anywhere
Oh, and let me know if something doesn’t work!