Instead of releasing all Ghosts one by one via Urns/Gravestones in each Household you can use the new "Release all Ghosts" Option on Urns/Gravestones. It will release all Ghosts without deleting them from the Family Tree. Ghosts that are in Households are not affected. "Get Urn for" will add a Urn inside your Sims Inventory which stores the Ghost Sim/Pet. This is helpful if a Sim dies off Lot which usually does not generate a Urn.


Good to know:

You need a real Urn first. You can find the Urns in debug: Type in the cheats console "testingcheats on" (Enter), "bb.showhiddenobjects" (Enter), then search for Urn and use the basic one. On that you should then see my Options in live mode.