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RSM (Horse Ranch) - Better Saddle Control





Better Saddle Control

Add/Remove Saddle manually instead of automatically, when mounting/dismounting a Horse. You can also ride without a Saddle.

You'll find new Interactions on Horses:

  • "Saddle Name", which will add the Saddle Outfit to the Horse. This is simless, meaning, the Sim will not walk to the Horse.
  • "Mount", (With the Icon) where you can mount the Horse without a Saddle, or with a Saddle, when you used "Saddle Name" before that.
  • "Dismount Name" (Only visible when you sit on the Horse, and used "Saddle Name" before that), which let's you dismount the Horse, without the Saddle to be removed
  • "Remove Saddle" (Only visible when you used "Saddle Name" before), will remove the Saddle. This is simless, meaning, the Sim will not walk to the Horse.


You can still use the ingame Mount Interaction normally with the automatic saddle, if you wish.

Why i did this Mod?

Well, i wanted to go for a ride with my Horse, take a short break without it removing their saddle. Simple as that^^

Important Info

All Glitches happening with Horses belong to EA, not this Mod ;)



  • English (default)
  • German by me
  • Russian by Origamika
  • Polish by Iskierka
  • Italian by Isy



Mod Support available via my Discord: