This Fixes some Trait Buffs which gets added even if the Sim does not have the Trait. With this Fix they will only get added if the Sim has the Trait it belongs to! Added so far: Lovelorn (Romantic) | Feeling Uncreative (Creative Uncreative) | Run, Run, Run (Toddler) | Stale Surroundings (Materialistic) | Not Enough Exercise (Active Antsy) | Feeling Smothered (Commitment Issues) | Feeling Trapped (Commitment Issues) | Unchallenged (Genius) | Where's the Party At? (Dance Machine) | Ugh! Children! (Hates Children) | Ugh, Toddlers (Hates Children) | Need To Swipe (Kleptomaniac) | Curious about Clubs (Insider) | Where Is Everyone? (Toddler Charmer) | Promotion Anxiety (Ambitious) | Missing Furry Friends (Animal Enthusiast)  | various Cautious Buffs from Infants
Know more Trait Buffs that are Bugged? Let me know!