+ Pets don't autonomously get in contact with other Pets they have never met before
The actual Pet to Pet Greeting Interaction is set to no autonomous which does not make sense if we actually can't play Pets. I really don't know if EA was knowing what they were doing but this does not make sense to me. I set it to autonomous. This Part will be a Work in Progress because only spending time playing the game will show how this autonomous Interaction will be used by Pets.
+ If you ask them to be nice to another Pet they have never met nothing happens
When you send your Dog to be nice to another Dog (which they’ve never met) a loot will be added via the Interaction BUT EA messed this up. Instead of giving the loot (add relationship Pet to Pet) to your Pet and the other Pet it is added to the Actor (the Sim themself) and your Pet. I changed the Loot so your Pet and the other Pet will get the Relationship added!