Random Holiday Traditions (Seasons DLC)

Just a bunch of random Holiday Traditions. Maybe i will add more from time to time.

So far added:

  • Use Hottub (Perfect Patio DLC)
  • Dance
  • Eat Icecream (Cool Kitchen DLC)
  • Watch Movies (Movie Hangout DLC)
  • Eat Popcorn  (Movie Hangout DLC)
  • Go Bowling (Bowling DLC)
  • Play Basketball (City Living DLC)
  • Do Laundry (Laundry Day DLC)
  • Sleep
  • Pumkin Crafting (Spooky Stuff DLC)
  • Foosball (Get Together DLC)
  • Fishing
  • Darts (Get Together DLC) 
  • Play Instruments



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