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Quality of Life Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Get Together, Island Living, Parenthood, Spa Day and Discover University
Other Requirements: Engagement Event


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Mental Happiness
Attend a Skill Class
Take a College Class OR Complete an Odd Job OR Volunteer
Find a Job
Reach Level 5 Wellness Skill

Physical Happiness
Go on a Date
Get a boyfriend or girlfriend
Have WooHoo with Partner
Take a Vacation Together

Family Happiness
Become Engaged and Throw Engagement Party
Get Married with a Wedding
Try For a Baby
Reach Level 5 Parenting Skill

Complete Quality of Life
Create a club for Family Members
Take a family vacation
Max Parenting Skill
Max Wellness Skill

Volunteer with Family
Gain Parenting Skill
Get Married
Get Engaged
Level up in Wellness
Earn 100 Simoleons
Earn 1000 Simoleons
Go on vacation
Start a Club
Enthuse about The Outdoors
Do a Yoga Routine

2500 Simoleons
Long Lived Trait