Programming Genius Aspiration

Required Pack: City Living


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Beginner Programmer
Practice Programming
Join Freelance Programmer Career
Reach Level 3 Programming Skill
Make 2 Plug-Ins
Intermediate Programmer
Perform Freelance Work
Reach Level 5 Programming Skill
Mod 3 Video Games
Senior Programmer
Reach Level 7 Programming Skill
Complete Programming Side Job
Mod 2 Video Games
Master Programmer
Make Mobile Apps
Max Programming Skill
Create Computer Games
Practice Programming
Practice Programming for an hour
Level up in Programming Skill
Earn money from Programming
Program on a Computer at Geekcon
Create a Mobile App
Sell 3 Mobile Apps
Start making a new mobile app
Create a Computer game
Program on a Computer
Create a Game Mod
Webmaster Trait and 5000 Dollars