Credits: Original Mod created by Scarlet, who gave me permission to update and upload her Mods


Original Text by Scarlet: 

Tired of trying to remember which mood each bath soak gives you? Now you’ll see the details for the buff (mood, mood weight, and length) that your sim would receive on the Interaction as well.

(Comment by LittleMsSam: Unfortunaley it conflicted with one of my Mods, so i reworked this Mod where i override the actual Interaction Text Strings.)


♦ Mod Requirements ♦
Spa Day Game Pack required.


♦ Translations ♦
The following translations are included in the mod:

Chinese Translations (by Licer)
• Includes Traditional and Simplified
Dutch Translations (by flqwerz)
French Translations (by Candyman)
German Translations (by helene912)
Italian Translations (by xISYx)
Japanese Translations (by Licer)
Korean Translations (by Robin)
Polish Translations (by kelwiak)
Spanish Translations (by Amanlen) 


Mod Support available via my Discord: