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Online Learning System

Learn up to 41 Skills (incl. Vet & Hidden Skills) online via the Online Learning System (OLS)

After Registering via the Computer or Tablet (Costs 150$ Teens+ and 75$ for Children) you’ll get access to the OLS via Computer, Tablet or Phone.

Sims will learn for 60 Sim Minutes (Skill gaining Amount is set to 1.5 for all Skills; depending on Traits, Lot Traits and other Influences like Buffs etc. the Skill gaining can be faster or slower).

What you also need to know:

  • 4 Skill out of 41 are only available for Children
  • 4 Skills are available for Children - Elder (Bowling, Skating, Dog Training, Wall Climbing)
  • 1 Skill is only available for Vampires (Vampire Lore)
  • 1 Skill is available for Teens too (Parenting) if you have my Parenting Skill for Teens & more Mod installed
  • All other Skills are available for Teens - Elder
  • 3 extra Skills are only available via the Retail Skills Addon. If you want those Skills install the Addon too
  • Mind. Level for Skills to show up is lvl 1. This should prevent blank Options if certain Packs are not installed
  • Sims learn higher level slower than lower level even if the amount is the same!

Added an extra "Learning Boost" Interaction called “Study hard”. When you activate the Boost (10$ Teens+ and Children 5$) your Sim will get a 120 Minutes Buff which inceases the Learning Progress x10. I recommend to use this only when learning higher Skill levels.

Optional Addons:

  • No Autonmous
    Sims won’t learn autonomously anymore
  • Retail Skills
    Adds the three Retail Skills to be learnable


Mod Support available via my Discord: